For any questions not answered below, please feel free to email me at info@gladstonepress.com and I’ll be happy to help!


What do you publish?

Gladstone Press focuses solely on classic novels at this point in time. I strive to find novels written in the English language that have withstood the tests of time, including how we view our world today compared to in years past. Consider it a curated list.

Do you accept new manuscripts for publication?

Sorry, I don’t accept new manuscripts. Centuries-old manuscripts? That may be interesting… but it isn’t currently part of our mandate.

How often are you releasing new titles (and how many)?

I’m trying to publish between four and six titles per year, and will make them available every few months (mostly around spring and fall). In many cases, I’ll release a title close to a significant date, whether it’s the anniversary of an author’s birth or death, or to coincide with key events portrayed in the book (or happening in real life). You can find out about upcoming titles by subscribing to my newsletter (link in the footer).

How are these any different from cheaper editions in bookstores?

Overall, the design and printing quality for Gladstone Press is superior to most of the downmarket paperback classics. Also, unlike many reissues, these editions have been designed for a contemporary reader who is leery of having to look at historical paintings on the covers. Or, they may have not thought to read a particular book because it has been designed to appeal to a certain demographic, or uses predominantly European faces and bodies on the cover. Why put up barriers to enjoyment and relatability?

To conserve pages, many downmarket publishers typeset using smaller font sizes, compressed typefaces, and as many text lines as they can possibly fit. That density on the page can make reading unenjoyable, even a chore—particularly when reading more difficult passages. My books have been set for reading enjoyment first and foremost. There are margins. There is space to breathe, to really savour the reading experience.

I found a spelling or printing error in my copy. What should I do?

In some books where older English is being used, a spelling error may in fact be the correct spelling. Printing errors, however, are pretty standardized and not so up for interpretation. Please use my contact page to get in touch, and I will discuss a solution with you.

What’s with the bag logo?

It’s a Gladstone bag. No, really. These portmanteau bags were very popular suitcases in Victorian times, and named after the UK Prime Minister of the era. They are hinged, built over a rigid frame, and contain two equal sections. I like the idea of a bag that can carry anything and everything. It’s all in the bag. (NOT: ‘the cat’s in the bag and the bag’s in the river,’ though if I branch out into noir, this too will apply.)


Can I find your books online and in stores?

Currently, books are available directly through me. I am reaching out to stores and hope to have some titles available in the near future.

I’m a bookstore and would love to stock your titles.

Amazing! I am hearing from people asking where to buy (besides ordering online), so please get in touch with me at info@gladstonepress.com for consignment arrangements.

Shipping and handling

Where do you ship?

Gladstone Press ships books to Canada, the US, and internationally – wherever there is regular postal service, really.

How do you ship?

For ease of shipping, Gladstone Press uses Canada Post for delivery. You can select which service level you’d wish when you place your order. Each book is wrapped in paper and sent in a protective envelope, and will be placed in the mail the next business day.

I live in Toronto. Can I just pick up the books rather than have them shipped?

Yes. I now offer local pickup around Queen and Dufferin until about 7pm Monday to Thursday (Friday until 4). Please email info@gladstonepress.com to arrange a pickup time and date after completing your order.


What is your return policy?

All of my titles are final sale. If you’re copy has a printing error, I will gladly exchange it for a copy of the same title.