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When I was finishing up production on my two latest titles (Pride and Prejudice and The Good Soldier), I decided to include a separate colophon (a page describing the production of the book in your hand). And that’s when I saw an error that has been reproduced in every book up to now.

You see, when I published my first title, Wuthering Heights, I was concerned about the page count (it’s a hefty book!), so instead of including a full page colophon, I had added some typeface information on the copyright page. I must have been in full panic (or sleep deprived) trying to pull everything together, because I named the wrong font: every Gladstone Press titles uses Aldus Nova typeface, not Aldus Next (which doesn’t exist) for the reading text. This would have been easily fixable if I HADN’T CONTINUED TO CUT AND PASTE THAT INFO INTO EACH SUBSEQUENT BOOK’S COPYRIGHT PAGE.

So, my apologies. It doesn’t seem like a huge error compared to, say, leaving out a full page of text or forgetting to print the book’s title on the spine (both errors I’ve encountered working with much larger presses), but for me, it’s a big deal.

Gladstone Press is run almost entirely by myself, with some help from friends in the industry who can double-check my spelling and syntax on cover copy, or, in the case of a book which has been entirely mangled over the years, help me with proofreading and comparing editions. I try to keep errors to a bare minimum through their expertise, but I never had anyone fact check my little statement on typefaces. Argh.

On that note: if you own any of my books and would like me to send you a bookplate containing the correct (and full) colophon (including printer and paper quality info), please reach out to me via email at Let me know what title(s) you own, and perhaps also when or where you purchased. With that info I can put together a colophon that matches your book. It’s the least I can do.

As a friend of mine blithely put it, the errors make the book more—not less—collectible. But I’m still going to cringe about this error, at least for a few months . . .

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Finally shipping this week!

Unless there are any new pandemics developments, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford will be shipping this week! Any preorders placed through my website will be out the door the minute they arrive at the office (complete with your complimentary tote bag, because thank you!), and my distributor should be sending out copies to bookstores starting next week.


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Free tote with any preorder

These are strange times indeed, and booksellers as well as publishers are feeling the pinch of (the absolutely necessary) lockdowns to prevent Covid-19 from overwhelming our society. Please, please, please: support your indie bookstore by placing an order with them. Many indies in Canada now have easy online ordering, and many more will fulfill your order over the phone and provide free or cheap delivery, or contactless pickup.

It’s also a strange time to publish any new books. I myself have bumped both my spring titles – Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and Ford Madox Ford’s The Good Soldier – to June 2020. In the meantime, during this business slowdown, would you be interested in preordering one or both of these titles? While that means paying now and receiving delivery later, it does help keep the machine running here.

TBR tote bag from Gladstone Press
TBR tote bag from Gladstone Press

To thank you for preordering, I will add a free TBR tote bag to any preorder placed between now and Sunday, May 17 (or while tote quantities last)! One bag per order. I’m also offering $5 flat rate shipping anywhere in Canada and the US.

You can order via these links here: Pride and Prejudice, and The Good Solider.

If you are currently out of work or trying to make ends meet due to closures or reduced income, and feel that you cannot take advantage of this offer, simply reach out to me and we can work something out. We are all in this together.

And, thank you so much. Stay safe!