About the Press

Gladstone Press likely started when I was about seven years old and decided to reproduce my entire library of Dick Bruna books on used computer paper my dad brought home from the office, folded and stapled together, and ‘sold’* door-to-door. A few years after that, I swiftly made my way through my mom’s collection of classic novels from the International Collectors Library.†

It only took a few decades (and a career as a book designer) for me to put two and two together.

Through Gladstone Press, I focus on redesigning and reprinting classic novels, but with a modern audience in mind – from title selection to the final printed book.

There are some exquisite print editions of classic novels available on the market. But what irks me is that these novels — which I find so exciting, daring, and interesting — keep being packaged to highlight their historical importance. That’s fine, but some readers see those designs and think that the book is a ‘difficult’ read. (Not true.) For me, it’s enjoyment. Pure, pleasurable reading.

So, I redesigned these to be approachable, collectible, modern, sleek, but still (particularly when it comes to the text itself) true to the original books. It’s a fresh approach intended to revitalize that zeal you have reading a good novel. And these? These are great novels. Enjoy.

* I gave them away.
† She was a voracious reader.

About the Publisher

(I’m going to talk in third-person here, so bear with me.)

Photo of Ingrid Paulson, Publisher of Gladstone Press

Ingrid Paulson has been designing books for the past twenty years. She started at McClelland & Stewart Inc. and was art director at Raincoast Books. Mostly, though, she has been designing books through her own one-person studio for such clients as Coach House Books, House of Anansi Press, Penguin Canada, Harper Collins Canada, Figure 1, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum, and McMichael Gallery. She has also been guest faculty for SFU’s Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing summer publishing bootcamp, been honoured to receive awards from both the Alcuin Society and the AIGA, and has had her book cover work discussed in various publications.

For some reason, she decided to go all-in and start a publishing company in 2018.

She’s still learning.

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