Pride and Prejudice


Paperback | 372 pages | 5.25″ x 8″
ISBN 978-1-989544-01-3

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‘I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.’

Elizabeth Bennet’s first impression of Fitzwilliam Darcy is that he is an arrogant and condescending man. And despite her beauty and lively wit, Darcy only sees Elizabeth’s poor social connections and uncouth family. Their close social circle means they cannot avoid one another—especially when they find themselves on either side of a blossoming match between Elizabeth’s beloved sister and Darcy’s best friend.

Through a whirl of lively dances, evening card games, visits to see friends and family, and attempts on everyone’s part to deflect and deceive in the name of a “suitable match,’ Jane Austen’s masterful social satire shows how two wilful people can correct the error of a bad impression and—should cooler heads prevail—perhaps discover a true marriage of minds.

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